On-time Delivery

All sellers on Adnose.com are required to guarantee their product(s) delivery on time. Each product page contains"On-time Delivery" guarantee, and the "Estimated Delivery" time-frame.

With the on-time delivery guarantee, you'll be able to know exactly in how many business days a seller ships out a product, and within how many business days the product will be delivered.

The seller's "On-time Delivery" guarantee starts from the moment the seller have uploaded the shipping tracking number to the system (i.e. website). You can get a full refund if you haven't received your order within the seller's on-time delivery guarantee.

A.  Your order did not arrive because you provided the wrong shipping address.
B.  Your order did not arrive due to exceptional circumstances outside the seller's control. Item(s) did not clear customs, or are delayed due to natural disaster.
C.  Other exceptional circumstances outside the control of Adnose.com.
D.  If you bypass DHgate.com and made a payment directly to the seller.

Differences between the Guarantee Delivery Time and the Estimated Delivery Time.
On-time Delivery (Provided by seller)
Set by the seller.
Guarantee delivery time.
Starts from the moment the sellers have uploaded the shipping tracking number to the system (i.e. website).
Estimated Delivery Time (Provided by Adnose.com)
Provided by DHgate.
Reference time.

What can I do if I haven't received my item(s)?