What should I do if the seller provides an invalid tracking number?

 What should I do if the seller provides an invalid tracking number? The seller is responsible for providing you with a tracking number for your order after it has been shipped. The tracking information will appear on the shipping carrier’s website after 5\7\10 business days, depending on the shipping carrier that was used.


If you have not received the tracking information from the seller, then please contact the seller and ask him/her to contact the shipping company in order to obtain the tracking information. If the seller does not respond to your request or provide you with the correct tracking number, you can then open a dispute on Adnose.com.


To open a dispute on Adnose.com, please Sign in to "My Adnose".  once you have signed in, click on “Orders” to reveal the drop-down menu list, then click on "Active Orders" and select "Shipped". You will then see a list of all your shipped items. Now click "Return & Refund" and choose "Invalid tracking number" as the reason.


You can also request a refund or a replacement for your item(s). When you choose “Get replacement”, the system will display the original shipping address where the replacement will be sent to, you can also edit the shipping address information


When you select “Get refund”, the system will display two options as illustrated below:The process after opening a dispute:





The process after opening a dispute:


once you have opened a dispute for an order, you will only be able to find the order details on the “Refund & Dispute” page. Click “View Return & Refund” to check the progress of your dispute. At this stage we suggest that you communicate with the seller directly to reach an agreement.


• If you have reached an agreement with the seller, please click here.

• If the seller does not agree to your request, you can propose a solution to the seller and continue communicating with the seller to try and reach an agreement.

• If the seller provides you a proposal, you can click “I agree” or “I don’t agree” in your account.

• If you can’t reach an agreement with the seller within 5 days, we recommend you request Adnose.com  mediation by clicking "Request Adnose Mediation" in your account.